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Rules of Order

Rules of Order for RSE Community Council Meetings
1. Agenda order to be voted on by motion and approved by majority
2. Minutes from last meeting to be approved by motion and approved by majority
3. Any agenda items to be added after approval of agenda needs to be amended by motion and approved by the majority
4. After the chair gives the floor to a presenter/speaker, all comments and questions should be held until after the presentation. Additional comments, questions, or discussion will be done by chair recognition. (i.e. “Chair, I have a question.” “The Chair recognizes …….”) Time may be limited by the chair or the members by vote. Additional time may be approved by chair or member vote. Chair may allow for free flow discussion under time limit restraints.
5. All motions for action must be called and with a second. All motions for action will have a debate order:
a. Person moving on an action will speak first in the approval
b. Any person wishing to speak against the motion will speak next
c. Additional discussion will alternate between for and against speakers up to a total of 3 for and 3 against. Can be amended by motion.
6. An amendment to a motion may be made during discussion after a speaker (Chair, I wish to amend the motion…Chair recognizes ______ for an amendment to the current motion)
a. A “friendly” amendment can replace the motion without vote if the person moving on an action and the Chair agrees the amendment is “friendly”.
b. All amendments to a motion will be debated and voted in turn.